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Sentric partner case studies.

Sentric work closely with each partner to ensure maximum rewards for their catalogues and content. We provide second to none administrative services, access to leading technology and a hands-on global creative team. We’re trusted by content owners to provide all the right opportunities.

Established Publisher


What was required

Many established independent publishers are searching for faster and efficient collection networks, looking to reduce the chain of multiple partners and streamline the process of royalty collection for their catalogue.  Sentric are able to maximise the value of their works with a simplified single partnership for direct global collection.

The service we provided

Publishers choose to work with us due to our knowledgeable and friendly account teams, bespoke approach and unique infrastructure; we guarantee to our clients that we provide a simpler method of working and significantly faster payments.  Representing their registrations worldwide including centralised digital mechanicals royalty collection.

The team ensures all partners catalogues receive a smooth transition from any previous deals, handling the transfer of catalogue and registrations, dealing with all conflict resolution along the way – simplifying the process from the onset.

All sub-publishing partners will receive a full audit with Sentric identifying any unclaimed royalties resulting in additional income that has previously not been claimed. Resulting in the maximum rewards from their registrations. Publishing partners also tap into the experienced creative team at Sentric who open up additional revenue streams for catalogues through sync opportunities.

"Sentric has always been an absolute pleasure to work with. They have an incredibly pro-active team who do everything in their power to ensure all licensing is handled as smoothly as possible"

Connie Farr

In a time where streaming is king, a lot of artists have to rely on sync licensing to keep money coming in. Since working with Sentric, they have proven that are someone that can help make that happen for their artists. Some companies make the promise that they will move the needle and bring an artist in opportunity. Sentric keeps their promise, and that's the important part

Entente Management

Independent Label / Management

Label Client

What was required

For many independent labels and management companies setting up their own publishing entity would be time-consuming and costly as well as pulling on resources to deal with the day to day admin. Sentric offers an infrastructure & expertise to enable publishing exploitation of partners catalogues quickly, efficiently and at no cost.

The service we provided

Sentric provides our label and management companies with a membership entity and establishes a global collection network tailored for each client at no cost. We handle all of the administrative complexities so that our clients can focus on the creative whilst we help them maximise the rewards without the overheads of setting up their own publishing administration.

Sentric’s account team become familiar with our partner’s catalogue of artists understanding the value of live performance royalties, we identify and register live performance claims to make sure none of our partner’s income is missed. Our creative team maximise the value of the client’s labour and aim to generate extra revenue. They find Sentric partners the right opportunities for their music. By placing songs on TV shows and global adverts to facilitating playlist features on digital media jukeboxes.

Sentric Music are without a doubt one of the best independent publishers around. They have consistently supported new music and emerging acts

Iain Cooke

I love, love, love that Sentric offer and consistently land mainstream syncs. They are forward thinking and pragmatic when it comes to progressive, unprecedented licensing agreements. I don’t see another business out there that goes to the lengths they do to actually generate real income and real profile.

Jim Brackpool - BT Sport

Production Catalogue

Catalogue Client

What was required

Production Catalogues need efficient and powerful publishing partners. Requiring fair rates and one-stop accounting.

The service we provided

Sentric’s clients trust that we have the power and expertise to handle volume catalogues. The rights team are able to handle large numbers of registrations at scale ensuring the monitoring of all income from usages.
Sentric’s pioneering technology and team resolve any cue sheet issues to unblock payment issues. We offer improved deal terms, quality service and quarterly at source accounting to ensure
Production catalogue clients benefit from Sentric’s creative team who actively seek opportunities for the catalogue.

Sentric helped us to match previously unmanageable repertoire and process payments in a method that immediately impacted our revenues.


Sentric recently secured a significant sync deal with Ford for Jake Houlsby. This not only boosted his career massively but also ensured we recouped over 50% of the budget we invested in artists last year. They definitely have ours and our artists backs.

Jim Mawdsley - Generator


Bespoke Client

What was required

Sentric understands that each client is different and that terms need to be flexible in order to make a partnership work.  We use our bespoke services to cater to each client’s needs and build trust in our partnerships. Helping our partners make the right choices when developing their catalogue is just as important as identifying royalties.

The service we provided

The bespoke services Sentric offer vary on each client and situation. In certain cases we have helped finance choices for our partners to grow and secure talent for their catalogue. At other times we’ve helped to shape our accounting and manually produced statements in order to suit our clients needs.

Working with Sentric is incredibly simple and straightforward. They are a company focused on representing their artists in the best possible way

Tom Stanford

Neighbouring Rights

Sentric's neighbouring rights service offers a comprehensive collection network, infrastructure and technology to ensure we maximise the value of your repertoire. Neighbouring Rights allows you to claim additional revenues and royalties every time your recording is broadcast on TV and radio. We also seek further opportunities including Jukeboxes and inclusion on playlists in high-street shops, creating more revenue for your repertoire.