So how would we work together?

Whether you have 1,000 works or 1 million, Sentric Music Group works with you to achieve the results your copyrights deserve.

Step 01

On-boarding of catalogue

Our experienced team and technology onboard catalogues of all shapes, sizes and formats.

Step 02

Publisher entity setup

Sentric handle all relevant setup processes. We take away the headaches of memberships and registrations at no extra cost.

Step 03

Dedicated account manager

From the onset your dedicated account manager will collaborate with you on your catalogue strategy.

Step 04

Global registration

Your catalogue will be registered at-source in up to 200 direct territories.

Step 05

Audit of unclaimed royalites

We use our systems and expertise to quickly identify and claim any unpaid royalties from usage of your catalogue and ensure your publishing income is maximised.

Step 06

Conflict resolution

If conflicts arise with other publishers or writers on your works, we'll coordinate with all parties on your behalf to ensure a swift resolution.

Step 07

Global creative team for opportunities and adding value to your catalog

Our global creative team are here to maximise the value of your catalogue and can be trusted to put your works in front of the right people.

Step 08

Accounting and royalty reporting process

Our accounting team will work collaboratively with you to ensure you receive all the information you need.

Step 09

Ongoing relationship

The Sentric team are here to support and guide you throughout the partnership.

Bespoke Services

Deal Support

Sentric can support your catalogue growth by offering bespoke deal support where required.

Ongoing Support

Sentric ensure that our service is tailored to you and our account management team proactively identify other areas we can support you.

Neighbouring Rights

Sentric seeks additional revenues and royalties for your recording by representing your neighbouring rights.


Sentric can offer advance payments to secure talent and future revenues.

Bespoke accounting

Sentric can provide flexible alternatives to manual system and statements


Sentric creative team seek the right opportunities for your catalogue.